Support the Emergence of an Authentic “Integral” Ministry

Give the Gift of Light and Hope in a World of Unconsciousness and Suffering

Instead of trying to “selling you” on making a donation, we’ll speak to the already convinced. Here are a few of the ways that we will put your donations to work in the world:

  • Give salary replacement (Joe needs the freedom to not work in an unrelated business so he has more time for writing books, reading, researching, and blogging).
  • Provide support to allow Joe to give pro bono pastoral services for low-income or disabled persons.
  • Support Joe to encourage and mentor other Integral Ministers and help them to get set up successfully in their own ministry.
  • Help pay for Internet, web hosting, phone, Zoom, and software expenses.
  • Reduce Joe’s costs for home office, legal, bookkeeping, and banking.
  • Offset book-related expenses (graphic design, desktop publishing, editing, proofreading, book promotions, book tours, etc.)

Note that I’m not (yet) a registered 501c3.

Thank you for giving anything you can.